Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Group Breathwork in Philadelphia, September 2009

Experience the Joy of breath in this experiential hands on meditative breathwork session facilitated by world renound healer Jesse Torgerson. Lay down and do an ancient breathing technoque to clear your energy centers, enotional centers, and spiritual blockages! Great for all levels of students including beginners and advanced students.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Bi-monthly Psychodrama group starting in September, 2009 in Philadelphia

Psychodrama brings to the stage and re-enacts unresolved issues, events and relationships in our lives.  New options and unexplored roles bring healing, resolution and integration to the wounds of the past and challenges of the present.  Group members play the various roles in each other’s drama.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Bodymind Therapy Training in Philadelphia beginning in March, 2009

Bodymind Therapy Training includes instruction and process of Dynamic Breathwork, Cellular Release Somatic points and client centered dialogue techniques. Dynamic breathwork is a circular connected breath technique that accesses and releases deeply held tension and trauma still held in the nervous system.  The somatuc points of the Cellular Release system access and integrate emotional/physical armoring that has outlived its usefulness. Client-centered dialogue technique and inner child imagery acknowledges the participant’s inner healer as the agent of transformation.

The training teaches a specific line of inquiry and the skill of feeding back the client’s responses.

The purpose of the work is to dissolve emotional/physical armoring that has out-lived its usefulness thereby accessing more authenticity and wholeness. Using breath and somatic points, clients access and integrate their fear-based cellular memory. Moment to moment awareness of breath and experience continues the process of dissolving fear which allows a larger, more wholesome context for integration to emerge. Basic premise: The participant heals or transforms her/himself. Wholeness is the ground of our being. As we release fear, authentic wholeness emerges automatically. This experience is enhanced by our recognition of it.

The complete training is offered in 3 separate weekends. Each weekend begins with a Friday night session focused on Dynamic Breathwork. All day Saturday and Sunday includes instruction and process of the somatic points in the Cellular Release system. To assist in processing somatic point activation, the first and second weekend includes instruction of a client-centered dialogue technique and inner-child guided imagery. The third weekend offers guidance in self-care for the therapist.

$350. for each weekend
$975. for all 3 weekends

For more information, contact me.