Monthly Archive for May, 2010

Group Dynamic Breathwork

Learn to use a dynamic breath technique and focused awareness to release emotional and physical stress from the bodymind.  Participants are coached to breathe deeply, relax and let go into present moment experience which allows emotional and physical holdings to unravel and release.  As tension releases, pleasure and well-being increase.  Each session lasts two hours and costs $20.

Dates:  May 23,  June 6 & 20,  July 3   4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Shakti Yoga  Jenkintown,  Pa.  19046

Acting Class Monologues and scene work

Using improvisational tools from psychodrama,  participants add authenticity, depth and texture to their chosen monologue or scene by anchoring it to a similar situation from their personal life experience.  As preparation, the actor brings to the stage a real life experience that has the same or similar emotional obligation as the character from the play.  Using emotional memory,  the actor learns to inhabit the character’s role with presence and aliveness that is exciting and believable to watch.  Come to a class and check it out.

Dates:  May 20,  June 3 & 17,  July 1

Class meets 8:30 – 10:30 p.m. and limited to 10 participants.  $20. per class.

Shakti Yoga  605 West Ave.   Jenkintown, Pa  19046