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2011 Jelilou Actor’s Training and Film Project

This actor’s training has two parts.  It includes the ” Breathe into Action and Breathe” workshop which meets  Thursday evenings, 7:30 -10:30 starting Jan. 6, 2011, and the “Jelilou Monologue/Scene Class” which meets Saturdays, 3:00 – 6:00, starting Jan 8.  The project will produce 10 short films  generated by the work of both classes.

Jan 6, 20. Feb. 3, 17. March 3, 17, 31. April 14, 28. May 12
The workshop begins with dynamic breathwork (also known as rebirthing).  Participants are coached to relax, allow and sink into their present moment internal experience with breath and awareness.  As participants relax and let go, deeply held physical and emotional tension comes up to be  released through sound and expression.   Many times, unresolved issues or memories from the past or challenging present day situations come to awareness.  Participants are coached::  to fully feel the experience with breath and awareness; to witness the experience physically, emotionally, mentally; and also to inquire what negative core belief about self is being revealed.  The second part of the workshop takes it a step further.  A protagonist is chosen by the group to bring to the psychodramatic stage his/her issue or situation that wants more exploration.  Group members are cast to play the various roles in the drama.  The intention of the work is to bring to the stage an issue or situation so as to explore its storyline/script, emotional content and physical behavior.  This allows the protagonist to more fully resolve the situation by fully experiencing it and also to try out desired changes.  Dramatic and comic theatrical scenes emerge from the process and are filmed.  Actors are trained by improvising many roles and characters.

monologues/scene work/original performance pieces
Jan 8, 22. Feb. 5, 19. March 5, 19.  April 2, 16, 30. May 14
Using improvisational tools from psychodrama, participants add authenticity, depth and texture to their work by anchoring a chosen monologue or scene to a relevant situation from their personal life experience.  With this preparation, actors bring to the stage real life experiences that have the same or similar emotional obligations as the character of the play.  As a result, the actor learns to inhabit the character’s role with presence and aliveness that is exciting and believable to watch.  As well as excellent training for the actor, the process yields original dramatic scenes many of which will be filmed.

Entire training cost: $5oo.  or $100. monthly pays for 4 classes.  Participants may join on the first class of the month, Jan. through May, but must make a commitment for the entire month and complete that month’s film work.  Additional charge for copies of filmed work.

Location:  Shakti Yoga Studio B, 7906 High school Rd, Elkins Park, Pa. 19027