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2013 Winter Offerings


Private and group sessions in NYC,  Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago.  (See schedule for dates)

Dynamic Breathwork releases psycho – physical holding patterns that inhibit spontaneity and creative flow.   As participants bring breath and awareness to their present moment experience, deeply held tension is accessed and released; body, mind and heart come into a more expanded alignment  Feelings of being out of sync, blocked, or not really feeling present and grounded,  are all  indicators of a disjointed alignment.  Spontaneity or creative flow comes out of a relationship with self that is friendly, allowing and forgiving.  Bringing breath and awareness to present moment experience accesses and releases unresolved traumatic life experiences that are the source of self=attack and disconnection.  The absence of self-attack is unity with self and that is truly spontaneous and authentic.  In this work, the body leads the way for it is always in present time and know the tensions it holds and how to release them..

This Winter, Jesse will be traveling between the Midwest and East Coast.  She is offering private and group sessions in Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, NYC, and Lenox, MA.  Check the schedule for specific dates.