Monthly Archive for September, 2013


Private Bodymind therapy sessions in Philadelphia, NYC, Lenox, MA, Essex, CT and Wakefield RI.  Check schedule for dates.

Group Dynamic Breathwork Classes

Dynamic breathwork teaches the skill of self-processing using a simple breath technique and present moment awareness.  Stressful past and present life situations unravel and release.  Well-being emerges automatically when fear-based imprinting is released.  LET GO OF FEAR AND FEEL MORE ALIVE AND JOYFUL.  Each 2 hour class is limited to  6 participants.  Fee:  $40.  Contact Jesse to reserve your place:

September 22 at 5:00 or 7:30pm at Maha Rose Yoga at 97 Green St G3 in Brooklyn, NY 11222

September 27 at 6pm at NY Core Center at 115 E. 23 St. 12th floor in Manhattan, NY