Dynamic Breathwork

In Dynamic Breathwork, you are encouraged to deeply experience yourself without judgment and with compassion. Experience has shown that healing the wounds from the past allows the underlying authentic self to emerge. This dramatically increases your ability to be present in the moment and make choices that truly serve your highest good.

A blend of experiential techniques, Dynamic Breathwork is designed to access, release and integrate emotionally charged holding patterns. These holding patterns are experienced as stuck feelings, hopelessness, perpetual anxiety, extreme tension in the body, an overactive mind that is disconnected from the body and emotions, and a myriad of other fear-based manifestations. Because the intellect is very often like a no-exit labyrinth, the body via breath and somatic points is allowed to lead the way. This approach allows you to uncover and transform the deeply held negative core beliefs about the self that have created chaos and disharmony in your life.

Breathwork is the foundation of the work as it is very effective in releasing of deeply held tension that has impacted your ability to breathe freely.

Cell Release therapy is done on a massage table and uses somatic points to locate and dissolve emotional and physical armoring that has outlived its usefulness.


  • Increased energy and well being
  • Positive, caring relationship with Self
  • Increased moment-to-moment awareness
  • Skillfulness in emotional processing
  • An ever-increasing loving connection with Self, others, and the planet

This work is suitable for individual and small group sessions. It also has been proven to be a valuable adjunct to larger personal growth seminars.