“Jesse Torgerson will bring you back to yourself by reminding you of the joy and necessity of fully being in touch with the breath of life. Amazing!”

-Larry Moss

“Never leave yourself. Stay in your body. Check in when something happens. Why do I feel this way? What pain has been triggered that lingers in my body and makes me feel dizzy, nauseous, cold, sore. How do I resolve the issues of the past, present that make me feel this way? I breathe into, release and metabolize them.

Breathe, release, metabolize…

Now I am more present, whole, living with ease and in the moment.

This is what Jesse Torgerson has taught me.

I am forever grateful.”

– Jen Silverstein, Actor, Playwright and Director

As a Green Beret turned actor, Jesse showed me how to use breath to overcome the scars of combat, and repurpose them from the stage in the healing of thousands.

-LTC (Ret.) Scott Mann, Green Beret

My work with Jesse has helped me further understand the machinations of my own body and mind. It has also helped to merge them in a more harmonious and functional way. As someone who deals with depression, this has been an invaluable resource.


Jesse has been a life changer for me. She has helped me unload all sorts of emotional baggage I had no idea I was carrying, baggage I’ve been carrying as a child.

To see Jesse once was like seeing my therapist for 6 months. Every time I walk out of her studio I feel 30 pounds lighter emotionally.

Jesse is helping me uncover the best version of myself. I am more free to love, to create, to be the person God created. I do wonder if she’s an angel.


It’s difficult to explain how deep the work Jesse facilitates goes. It has to be experienced precisely because the work is about ‘dropping in oneself’ : quieting the mind and dropping into what we feel and keep buried in our body. The work is transformative in that it clears emotions (we might think we have processed but haven’t), allowing us to access our most present and grounded self. You know you’re doing that because you walk out of a session with Jesse feeling completely connected to yourself and to the joy of being alive.

Jesse is completely present with you and deeply intuitive about how to get you to learn the technique. Her gentle and patient way, open mind and heart make it incredibly easy to establish a relationship of deep trust. Working with Jesse, and continuing to practice on my own every day, is an absolute priority and new way of life for me. It entirely changes the paradigm and I can not recommend it enough to anyone – artist or simply human


The work with Jesse has transformed my life and continues to. Through the coaching I’ve been able to expand the scope of my artistic process. Each and every time the breath experience astonished me, with simplicity and astounding depth. Jesse is a master teacher and traveling companion on a new enriched experience of self.


I’ve spent 20 years practicing Zen, doing yoga and different techniques to go deeper into my breath and sense of being alive. Jesse’s breathwork class brought me to a deeper sense of my natural state of being than any of these other techniques. She is a true guide – intuitive, practiced, and accepting – of whatever your body needs to release. What she’s offering is deadly simple and profoundly effective. This isn’t some feel-good potion or empty ritual, it’s the real deal to recovering a deep sense of your natural, full self.


It has been one of the great privileges of my life to be able to work with Jesse. She is a wizard, and what she does is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I use the tools she has shown me every day. I am forever changed.


I can say that through Jesse’s guided process, I have transformed on a neurological level. Through dynamic breathwork, I realize how in control I am of my own existence, through something as fundamental and omnipresent as my breath. I am no longer victim to the world around me, no longer bound to my past stories, and traumas nor the future, I now know innate power is always in me, and accessible through my own breath. I truly believe this work has saved my life, it’s that profound.


Jesse’s Breathwork technique has been the essential missing tool in both my personal and artistic life. It has offered me the gift of my true self. As an artist it has given me the ability to act from my whole body. It’s allowed me to let go of old negative beliefs and come into a new way of being. It has been a healing and nurturing process. I am truly grateful to have found my teacher and guide.


Thank you for this new terrific relationship to the breath coming in and the breath going out!

– HS

Working with Jesse has changed my life. I’m less scared of whatever feeling may come up because I now have a tool that can make it more manageable. Working with Jesse made me realize that I am not my emotion. I am me, having an experience that I have the power to work WITH. Not against.


Doing breathwork with Jesse is the most powerful healing modality I have experienced. Traumas and blocks, both conscious and unconscious, arise and release. Jesse is a beautiful profound old soul; she is kind, honest, intuitive, clear and a gifted healer. Because of this work, my life has changed tremendously – I am much freer, more present, more creative, more at ease, more joyous and much more my true self. Jesse and this work are a great gift that I highly recommend to everyone.


I came to Jesse to become a better actor and in the process I became a better human. No singular practice has supported my growth as much as breathwork. It’s positively affected my body, my relationships, my craft, my career, my self-framing and my narrative. In fact, there is no area of my life that hasn’t been positively influenced by this work. Jesse is so gentle, wise, strong, loving, and deeply intuitive. There are no words to describe how deeply grateful I am for her and the profound work that she does. It has helped me evolve several lifetimes and I am so deeply grateful.


Jesse truly changed my life. She has a unique ability to hold space for each individual while also helping to work through deep trauma that lives in the body. She continues to guide me with empathy, tenderness and a relentlessness, when necessary, through my grief and towards release, joy and inner contentment. Jesse is exceptional at bringing a cellular release in the body to heal in a way that traditional psychotherapy cannot. She has been and continues to be a vital part of my growth in my craft and humanity.


I cannot possibly say enough about how life-altering, even lifesaving working with Jesse has been for me. I’ve made more progress on overcoming my trauma, reaching my artistic potential, and becoming a more realized human being than I could have made with years of classes and therapy. The day I started breathwork may well have been my second birthday. My intellectual curiosity, creative freedom, relationships, and even my once dead faith in God has changed forever from learning her practice. Jesse’s work has been a powerful psychedelic experience that gave me the opportunity for a second look at the world. The taste of food, the pleasure of sex, and joy in the absurdity of life are more vivid and colorful than ever when seen through fresh eyes. Her work is also very practical and repeatable, and I can and do apply my breath to all aspects of my life. If you’re looking to make a personal change of any kind, I cannot possibly recommend anything more fully.


Jesse is a wonderfully inspiring woman to work with. Her methods of breath therapy are powerful and go to the deepest of places, so you can release what has been held for so long. She is there to help you breathe, let it drop in, and let it go. A process that can change your entire life.

She exists as a solid, wise woman- guiding you to truly be present through releasing the past. All with your breath. I have left sessions with her feeling elated, joyful and light- as I had been able to let go of traumatic weight I had been carrying in my body since childhood. I have much more to wok through, but I know through her methods, it IS possible to stop holding onto the pain of the past. Jesse’s work is cleansing, empowering, and life changing.


Rebirthing and Cell Release are the most powerful healing therapies I’ve ever experienced. I’ve let go of confusion and emotionality that I have been carrying around in my body since I was a child. For years, I lived with neck and shoulder pain. With Cell Release, I was able to unlock the emotional source, free my body and finally relax. With the work, I am empowered to trust my own wisdom and inner authority.


With all of the work I’ve done for myself, I’ve been absolutely astonished at the kind of emotional experience, awareness and acceptance that has occurred with the Cell Release therapy that Jesse does.


I spent many hours and many dollars on traditional psychology, yet I was always able to talk my way around my core issues. After only a few conscious breath sessions with Jesse Torgerson, these suppressed emotions and negative thoughts spewed up and out of me like I’d been given some sort of “psychic enema!” This process quickly cleared the way for greater self-esteem and a feeling of self-being like I’d never experienced. And the results last!


Ms. Torgerson is an extremely good therapist and healer. She allows for a full range of expression from rage and hate to despair to love and joy. In my experiences as a therapist and trainer of therapists over the past 15 years, I am aware that there are relatively few people who are able to do deeply regressive work with others without their own issues and discomfort getting in the way. Jesse is exceptional in her ability to stay with me as a client and to maintain empathy and direction throughout very emotionally demanding work.


My work with Jesse has been an essential ingredient to my well-being today. It has helped me clear the debris that otherwise would have kept me in a self-sabotaging cycle, keeping me from realizing my potential as a person, woman, and healer. I’ve known Jesse for over eight years and each time we work together there is a “letting go” of old identities and a beautiful revealing of truth. Jesse brings such a safe, solid, and stark presence to her work, allowing me to be in my truest form, and to let go of the judgments and fear that stand in my way. I am so very thankful for having Jesse in my life and for the healing she has guided me to and through.


My work with Jesse has been an essential ingredient to my well-being Jesse Torgerson’s Dynamic Breath work is an absolutely vital tool for any serious actor to possess. It is a very tangible way to understand what makes us hold our breath, and how to unlock that holding pattern in a supportive, nurturing environment. She is a rare gem. I highly recommend working with her

Karl Bury ~ Actor, Master Acting Teacher

Breath therapy with Jesse has been the missing link to healing my trauma and becoming a better artist. I’d spent years in talk therapy and classes trying to solve issues in my work and personal life that  have only shifted in my time with Jesse. Through the work I have literally shed old fear from my body and found safety inside of myself and in turn in the world. Jesse herself is as grounded and as wise and she provides a safe environment while also keeping you focused and holding you accountable. I can’t recommend her enough!

Aimee Fortier ~ Actress, Director, Writer